Career & Transition Coaching

Pat Pattison one-on-one sessions to help you define and attain your goals.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnerships of equals whose aim is to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness through focused learning in every aspect of the client’s life. Coaching raises self-awareness and identifies choice. Working to the client’s agenda, the coach and client have the sole aim of closing the gaps between potential and performance.
DEFINITION OF COACHING-Jenny Rogers “Coaching Handbook”

Coaching Word Cloud ConceptHow does it work?

One on one sessions, in person or via phone or skype, usually 90 minutes long to discuss and define your goals, create action plans and removing any obstacles real or perceived to achieve them. Usually anywhere between 6-8 sessions every other week.

What type of goal is coaching good for?

Any business, personal or transition goal is good for coaching. Most of my clients fall into these categories
1. New/second career or job goals
2. New business or non-profit launch
3. Achieving more revenue in an existing business
4. Marketing or selling a specific project (book, TV shows, services)
5. Becoming more effective at work, speaking, managing and more
6. Life transitions

Where have you been trained?

HudsonlogoI trained at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, for over 30 years Hudson has been considered the “Harvard” of coaching programs. I’m honored to have been a part of their program.

Do you use coaching yourself?

Pat_square“Bob Dickman is my coach and was also trained at Hudson. I started using Bob to make me a more effective interviewer/host on my TV show “Remade in America”. My own coaching is on-going and very effective.




“Pat had simple but brilliant insights to help me with my novel and new second-career as a violinist. His style is supportive and specific, keeping me on track and accountable. This encouraged me to have patience with my progress so far. He’s worth it.”

Dublin Galyean, Teacher/Novelist/Musician

 “I never would have dreamed that I would be seeing a Transition Coach. But after six sessions with you, I can honestly say that I am looking at my entire life differently and needed that challenge. I don’t know where this is taking me, but it’s already to a better place mentally and emotionally. Thanks for your input and caring. I totally appreciate it.”
Judy Pfleger, Marketing Consultant

“Pat Pattison keeps me on track with my business goals without negating the value of my other interests. With his keen guidance, sometimes my “other interests” end up paying off as part of my overall career path.  He is sharp, intuitive, and has great wit.  I recommend working with him.”

Jenny Buchanan, Director/Creator East Village Yoga Pasadena


Sessions in Pasadena and LA area in person or can be by phone or skype from anywhere.

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