Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Service Types

  • Management transition
  • New owner stress
  • Presentation and media coaching
  • Moving markets and how

What is executive business coaching?

Executive business coaching is when a career coach, like Pat Pattison, helps a typically small or new business reach it’s business goals. So inherently, business coaching starts with goal setting. Whether these are sales goals, leadership goals, or otherwise is entirely based upon the client’s core issue(s). Many argue about executive coaching and business coaching either being completely separate or being one in the same. For the most part, the overall process is the same. The only caveat is that executive coaching particularly works with, you guessed it, the executive. Business coaching could apply to a team, a department or a select few key executives.

What is your CEO coaching process like?

Pat’s executive/business coaching process is very similar to his overall career coaching process. The only difference is that the client and Pat will work together to determine whether this is an overall business-based goal, or if the goal is only intended for the individual executive. From that point on, it’s the exact same process:

  1. Determine your skills & passions or determine your team’s strengths & weaknesses
  2. Identify which new skills need to be learned, if any
  3. Plan out a goal
  4. Create a map towards that goal

How to select the best executive coach for you

When you are searching for the right business coach for you, it is good to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your professional experience with CEO coaching? Do you have any credentials and where are they from?
  • What is your background and why did you decide to become an executive coach in Los Angeles?
  • Do you have any past clients that have been in similar situations or have similar businesses like mine? What was their experience like?
  • How does your leadership coaching process work?
  • Is there anything you can guarantee?
  • What is expected from me?

What have your past leadership coaching clients experienced?

Beth Young, LSM-KSTU – Salt Lake City, UT

“Pat has helped me prioritize, stay focused and be accountable with his executive coaching. I knew the weaknesses of my management style, but needed some extra push, motivation and someone to check back in with to monitor my efforts to become more self aware and therefore a better leader of my sales team.

Many times that could be a little awkward with your supervisor because your challenges may revolve around their styles. His experience in the TV and broadcast industry was a huge help as well because he also understands our industry. For anyone who feels “stuck” or needs to transition into something better, he is a great resource.

Pat, thanks for your patience and gentle coaching. It has made me a better person and leader.”

Getting started with Executive Coaching in Los Angeles

If you have found that Pat’s executive coaching services are what you and your business are looking for, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Luckily, the digital wave has allowed Pat to connect with even the furthest clients. If you are not a local to the Los Angeles greater area, no worries, just let him know in your contact form submission and he can set up a Skype call with you. After submitting the form, you can expect a call or email (Go ahead and mention your preference if you have one) from him shortly.