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Seal Beach resident brings ‘The Best of California’ to life for a national TV audience

The Best of California is brought to life for a national audience for the first time by a Seal Beach resident. In order to get back in touch with his childhood passions, Pat Pattison has to be willing to take risks. That’s a big part of returning to his youth passions.

How to Build a Montage Career After 50

Looking into doing a career change at 50 or after? Pat Pattison is an expert at this from personal and professional experience. Check out the article for Pat’s secrets to building a new career at 50 or after.

How I Became a Social Media Influencer and TV Travel Host at 65

Pat lets you in on 6 tips if you want to become a content creator as a senior. Curious about how YouTubers go viral? Or perhaps you have traveling aspirations. Pat takes you through his personal journey on accomplishing both.

How He Remade Himself Into A TV Star At 55

Pat share’s his experience with Forbes on his experience with career change at 50. Click to read the full article on Forbes.

The Best Career Is The One You Didn’t Plan

Pat interviews the Director of Talent Booking for the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., Stan Freese. Stan shares his advice when it comes to facing unexpected career transitions.

Startup Tips From A ‘Make Me A Millionaire Inventor’ Expert

Pat shares valuable advice for aspiring inventors when asked to be an expert adviser on CNBC’s new series, “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor”. Read Pat’s top advice on Forbes.

The 5 Steps To Becoming A Print Model After Age 50

Pat gives Huffington Post his step-by-step process to becoming a print model when he decided to face a career change at 50.