Now more than ever people are frustrated at work. No security, no loyalty, no benefits. The Corporate American Dream has shifted dramatically over the past 10 to 20 years. People are asking themselves how long can I be miserable and uninspired in what I do? For many the only reason to stay in their jobs is to stay covered by health insurance. Certified Los Angeles business coach, Pat Pattison, offers some of the best advice on how to move on to better days.

  1. Create career “experiments”: Develop a plan to “try on”
    some new jobs and careers. Work toward finding your dream job within some ideas you can try on a part time basis or weekend volunteer.
  2. The 10% networking rule: Take 10% of the time your spending on the job to apply for new jobs but even more importantly to network with a new network of people who can refer you to a new job.
  3. Invent a job if no one will give you one: My interview with Greg Benson highlights his perseverance and decision to quit his day job and devote full time to creating his own brand and business – it worked! He has over 1.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and his famous cell phone crashes have gone viral many times over. His dream job: YouTube prankster.
  4. Grab hidden opportunities: Stan Frees’ lesson is to say “Yes”, to what life hands you. Grab every opportunity and show up. One thing lead sto another and stay teachable to learn “new tricks”. Stan has managed to stay relevant in his job performing and then booking talent for the Disney Parks for over 42 years. He says it’s because he’s stayed open to new things and learned from people younger than him. His dream job: Disney legends and father of 2 famous and successful musicians.
  5. Magic people – One gig leads to another: By showing up for things that don’t seem to be furthering your dream Jason Freese found out that there are Magic People that open doors. He went from a $100 punk band gig, to an audition with Eagles Joe Walsh to keyboard play with Green Day all because he “took the gig”.
  6. When the stream rises – change horses: Two “Remade” guest have some great insight in switching to a more rewarding career. One (Jenny Buchanan) from acting to a healthier less stressful yoga studio. Luis Vasquez has decided not to label himself and allows himself to simultaneously be an electrical engineer and actor/musician rather than have to “choose”.
  7. Doing it all – Creating a montage career: My specialty as a professional transition coach is showing people how to create a Montage Career™. Using multiple revenue streams from various areas they can create a “montage” life that allows flexibility and fulfillment. The ultimate Dream Job and Life!
    1. Career adjacent options: Exploring other careers that utilize the skills you have. Since many below the line jobs have specific technical skills there is often a market that can be explored outside the entertainment industry. These options can start as part time and grow to full time options.